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Installation method of stainless steel trim

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Installation method of stainless steel trim

May 22, 2019

First use a round nail in the position of the mouth fixed a wood liner, wood liner wide, thick size slightly smaller than the stainless steel diameter size. Concave need groove, line with glass glue or silicone embedded groove, convex need under the wooden buckle stainless steel trim. Then coat the wood liner with epoxy resin adhesive (universal adhesive), coat the stainless steel groove with epoxy resin, and then clip the line onto the wood liner.


Decorate Trim

Attention to installation of stainless steel trim
Stainless steel trim groove surface is generally covered with a layer of plastic tape protective layer, the plastic tape should be in the decorative finish construction after the stainless steel trim groove torn off. If there is no protective layer of plastic tape on the surface of the trim groove, it shall be affixed with one layer before construction so as not to damage the line surface during construction.


Stainless Steel Trim

Top surface stainless steel trim installation process
The installation of line of top surface stainless steel should see above all is inside concave trim or outside convex trim, inside concave need keeps groove next metal, outside convex need next wooden strip buckles metal. All wood foundations are slotted, and then the stainless steel trims are glued to the wood foundation.


Trim Design

The stainless steel bar on the top is to order 25MM above wide commonly, because treatment shop is good, bend into C model, carpentry can add one circle density board or carpentry board on ceiling of plasterboard on top face, so the width of stainless steel edge cannot too narrow, open batten otherwise very laborious. After a woodworking board is booked on smallpox, stick on stainless steel strip after playing vitreous glue. Use American paper to fix 24 novels.


Ceiling Decorate Trim

Stainless steel trims are widely used in today’s interior decoration, although the installation looks relatively simple, but if you do not grasp the details, after the installation is not only not to achieve the desired effect, there may be an impact on the interior decoration of the beautiful. Therefore, the above introduction of stainless steel trim installation method, the top stainless steel trim installation process we must have some understanding.

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