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divulgazione completa di elettrodeposizione sulla superficie del processo in acciaio inox

» NOTIZIA » Full disclosure of electroplating on the surface of the stainless steel process

divulgazione completa di elettrodeposizione sulla superficie del processo in acciaio inox

Maggio 21, 2019

1, placcatura d'acqua (principalmente nero, Nota 304 colore di placcatura acqua è instabile, leggermente blu, mirror is particularly obvious, the treatment method is to do high temperature no fingerprint processing, but the surface will be brown)

2. ElectroplatingPVD vacuum plasma electroplating (available in gem blue, black, coffee, seven-color, zirconium gold, bronzo, bronzo, rose, champagne gold, light green)

3, etching series, etching graphics visible pictures. Color stainless steel etching plate is etched on the surface of the object through chemical methods, a variety of patterns. The surface of the object can be further processed after etching with 8K mirror plate or wire-drawing plate as the bottom plate. All kinds of complicated processes such as local pattern matching, wire drawing, gold inlay and partial titanium gold can be carried out to achieve the effect of bright and dark patterns and brilliant colors. A variety of etching, etching stainless steel including colorful stainless steel design, choose the color for are: titanium black titanium (black), sky blue, titanium, sapphire blue, brown, dark brown, purple, bronzo, green bronze, champagne gold, rose gold, purple, titanium white, green, green, etc., suitable for: star hotel, KTV, shopping malls, senior entertainment places, eccetera. We can also customize according to customersdrawings and requirements, but we need to pay for the template.

4, embossing series: stainless steel embossing plate is processed by mechanical equipment on the stainless steel plate, so that the surface of the concave and convex pattern. Available for the selection of patterns are bamboo, ice bamboo, diamond grain, small square, the size of rice plate (pearl grain), diagonal stripes, butterfly flowers, chrysanthemum grain, cube, free grain, goose egg grain, stone grain, panda grain, antique pattern, pattern can be customized according to customers or choose the factory pattern pressing. This embossed board has a strong and bright appearance, higher surface hardness, more wear resistance, easy to clean, maintenance free, fight, pressure resistance, scratch resistance and no finger prints. Mainly used in building decoration, decorazione ascensore, industrial decoration, equipment decoration, kitchenware and other stainless steel series.

5, sandblasting, sandblasting can be plated color, but there is color difference between the plating color and ordinary plating color, the main reason is that the sandblasting particles for the emery. Piastra sabbiatura in acciaio inox colore viene elaborato con mezzi meccanici con perline di zirconio sulla superficie della piastra in acciaio inox, in modo che la superficie appare superficie di sabbia fine perlage, formando un effetto decorativo unico. USI: utilizzato principalmente in costruzione decorazione, decorazione ascensore, industrial decoration, strutture decorazione e altri prodotti in acciaio inossidabile.

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