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Stainless steel surface treatment – brushed and snow sand

» NEWS » Stainless steel surface treatment – brushed and snow sand

Stainless steel surface treatment – brushed and snow sand

May 21, 2019

There are many different forms of surface treatment for stainless steel, such as sanding (to form a matte pearl silver surface), polishing (to form a mirror), embossing (to press out various textures), electroplating (to coat other metals), spraying (to coat other non-metallic coatings), and drawing (to form a satin effect). Compared with other surface treatment, wire drawing and snowflake sand treatment can make the metal surface obtain non-mirror-like metallic luster, like silk satin has a very strong decorative effect, just like the ordinary stainless steel to the new vitality and life, so now brushed and snow sand treatment with more and more market recognition and widely used.

For example, in the construction industry, there are elevator door panels, escalator decoration panels, and in the construction hardware industry, there are leading, hinge, handle, lock decoration panels, and so on; Cabinet is provided if take lampblack machine, stainless steel kitchen is provided, cistern is waited a moment. In recent years, its various 3C digital products have pushed the application of wire drawing to a climax, such as the panel of notebook computer, keyboard board, mobile phone panel, LCD frame, battery cover, camera protection cover, digital camera lens sliding cover and so on. There are also various other electronic products, such as: MP3, MP4, DVD player, projector and so on.

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